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Every time I go out, I get stopped, "I love your shoes, bracelets, shorts, earrings, etc." Soon enough, I began to believe, I truly had a unique style. I get so much excitement everyday walking into my closet, whether I am getting ready for the gym, date night or happy hour with the gals, I try to pick something that looks and feels fabulous. I find that I do this not only with my clothes, it continues with my house, friends, husband and everything else in between.

Instantly "Stylist-ash" was born and is the perfect fit for my energy and passion of continually creating a unique and classy style, while also incorporating a touch of flair. I cannot wait to transform your room, your house, your body and most importantly your closet. Spend some time with "Stylist-ash" and soon enough my tips, tricks and ideas will transform into a confident, healthy and stylish you.
*Stylist-ash provides services to style yourself, your closet, events, weddings and houses. We also stage photo shoots, personal shop and assess. Contact SRQtees Events for additional information, consultaion and pricing.
Photo by Naomi Chokr Photography
"Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life. -Harvey MacKay